After initially calling it a “blink-,” Zach Fredin has come up with what he now calls a “ ,” copying the general shape of his wedding band, but placing an array of in the raised upper portion. While it’s the kind of design that makes you wonder why you didn’t think to do that, if you dig a bit deeper into the design process, it took a huge amount of expertise to get it working.

The ring is powered by a pair of size hearing aid batteries, and uses eight charlieplexed LEDs, as well as what are described as “weird” 0508 resistors. Also weird is the PCB design, which he had to coordinate between two halves of the ring, sandwiching the LEDs and other components in between. An ATtiny85 chip in the QFN form factor is used to sequence the lights, which as shown in the video below, blink in sequence from one side to another.

While it’s only shown blinking in one direction, implementing a back and forth chase function seems like the next logical step. It’s a great look for humans, and one that would be quite appropriate for robots to use to show their undying affection to one another once they’ve taken over.

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