Just released a short video, explaining a topic called . I’ve noticed that it’s quite hard to understand for junior developers, but in reality it’s easy when you see the example.

So, probably the most simple example is system, where you may want to have some internal variable to add to your email/SMS notification, but you have to pass them as parameters to the class. That’s a typical example of dependency injection – see how we’re passing $user variable here.

class Hello extends Notification

    public function __construct(User $user)
        $this->user = $user;

    public function toMail($notifiable)
        return (new MailMessage)
                    ->line('Hi ' . $this->user->name . ' ('.$this->user->email.')')
                    ->line('The  to the notification.')
                    ->action('Notification Action', url('/'))
                    ->line('Thank you for using our application!');

See video below for more explanation.

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