Hey all Big pros,

Lets come together and discuss about use cases we all are working on rather than sharing articles.

With 23,000+ members in this community, we can share a lot about new tools and trends, problem solutions, optimization techniques, processes , design, etc.

We just need to keep our posts structured here, so that this thread remains healthy. If we can ensure our posts contains following information atleast, then that would be much easier to understand by everyone.

  1. Use Case Description – in few lines only

  2. Why Hadoop ?

  3. Tools/Languages/Distribution used in your project

  4. Cluster Configuration ( not detailed but enough to get an idea like RAM, No. of nodes, Secondary memory )

  5. Anything you want to share with community ( like optimization, tricky solutions or any interesting finding )

  6. Any question from community ?

As we will move forward, we will keep on enhancing our ways.

NOTE : Please don’t share any link unless it is really required.

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