- kaptur hat 600x578 - Display your own message with the Kaptur Smart LCD Hat

Sure, you’d like a whole wardrobe of baseball caps to all your sports teams, fandoms, and quotes, but who has money or room for all those caps?  You’d only need one baseball cap with the .   has a 1.8″ 240×240 TFT full-color LCD display where a logo usually is found.  Using the , you’ll be able to create a library of images or gifs that can be displayed on the hat’s screen.

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The rechargeable battery is good for 6 hours of display.  It recharges with a magnetic quick-connect cable.  Motion graphics display at 5 FPS, and the curved lens enhances and protects the display.

Kaptur is a current Indiegogo project.  The funding period ends in less than two weeks.  The cap is available in two styles: flat visor and strapback.   A of $59 gets you one cap in your choice of style.  Learn more at Indiegogo.

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