DJI has announced its latest product: the Osmo Pocket. Capable of shooting steady 4K , it’s a handheld that costs less than $350.

Just four inches tall, the Osmo is described by DJI as “a highly compact three-axis stabilised camera” that is “designed to be incredibly easy to use”. The camera is on a three-axis gimbal and uses a 1/2.3-inch sensor. It can capture 4K footage at up to 60fps at 100Mbps, and it has dual mics for recording audio. It can also do 12-megapixel photos. It’s supposed to last for up to two hours shooting in 4K at 30fps.

DJIDji image 2  - 146413 cameras news dji image2 yjgtqyuspi - DJI Osmo Pocket is a handheld minicam that shoots 4K video

When turned off, the gimbal moves the camera, and then the whole unit can fit into a small case, which you can pocket while on the go. Other features include a one-inch touchscreen for navigating through settings, but you can also plug in your iPhone or phone via the port on the side for a larger viewing experience, and you can access more settings and controls through DJI’s new .

The Osmo Pocket also comes with some neat shooting modes, such as object , face , -lapse, and auto panorama. DJI said it’ll sell accessories that’ll work with the Osmo Pocket, too, such as a GoPro-style mount for attaching it to objects, a Wi-Fi controller, ND filters, a waterproof case, an extension rod, a 3.5mm adapter for mics, and soon, a carrying case with a battery.

The Osmo Pocket costs $349/£329 and ships from 15 December. Pocket-lint is live at the DJI event in New York City and plans to bring you a hands-on review of the gadget soon, so stay tuned to our DJI hub for all the latest.

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