I’m looking to venture outside of my comfort zone. I’m self taught and have been comfortably working as an for several .

I’ve become a specialist. I’ve never taken a comp sci class, nor have I used a language other than Obj-C and Swift. Every bit of programming I have done has lived in Xcode.

I would like to expand my horizons and learn a second language. Anyone here use to automate anything within their iOS development ? Or maybe in day to day needs at or in the office? I thought this would be a good way to learn a new language and environment while supporting my iOS work. I’m leaning towards learning Go for this.

As a side note, I’m thinking of making a switch to backend development in the long term, so I don’t mind more obscure languages. I’m drawn to Elixir to gain experience in a functional language. I know there’s not much of a market for it now, but I’ve found it a fun language to work with. Their are a couple of places in my area using it now, hoping more if or when I decide to switch to backend development.

I’ve been playing with Go and was disappointed with the lack of Generics. So in effect, no map, filter, or reduce for Collection types. It’s hard to go back to a for after striving to more functional Swift. But Golang is more practical than Elixir for writing scripts, and Go’s networking capabilities is included in the standard library. So I thought I could utilize Go in more immediately than a language like Elixir.

Any have any thoughts, suggestions for learning outside of their niche, or utility scripts they would like to share?


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