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Last week on the Podcast our voicemail hotline received a call from Jeff about weather stations. Jeff’s son wants to learn more about the weather around his , so Jeff was wondering if any weather stations can actually connect to the internet and a . This would enable a equipped with a smart thermostat to adjust temperatures based on local climate conditions. At the same , Jeff’s son could get detailed, hyperlocal weather for his learning experience.

Until a few years ago, most home weather stations didn’t have wireless connectivity, for some that used a proprietary radio frequency to show weather data on a local console. Thanks to the fast-growing IoT , there are more connected options that can work with a smart home and connect to the internet.

- netatmto weather - Do any weather stations connect to smart home devices? Yup! – Stacey on IoT
Credit: Netatmo

Our first choice is a bit expensive, but it’s probably worth it: We recommend the Netatmo Smart Weather Station. The base price is $179.99 when not on sale and is comprised of two modules. There’s both an indoor device and one that you place outdoors as well. The two units communicate with each other so you can measure -time temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, air quality, carbon dioxide levels, and sounds. If you want to capture rainfall or wind data, those each require an add-on module for $79.99 and $9.99 respectively. Or you can bundle the two module stations, the wind gauge and rainfall measurement device for $299.99.

The Netatmo device also has Wi-Fi connectivity so the weather data is available on your smart phone. It also supports both Amazon Alexa and IFTTT so you can ask for weather information or pass that data to a smart thermostat.

A less expensive but similar solution is the Ambient Weather WS2902-A for $169.99.

- Ambient Weather - Do any weather stations connect to smart home devices? Yup! – Stacey on IoT
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This kit looks more like a traditional weather station and includes both a wind gauge and rainfall measurement tool. It also has Wi-Fi that sends your data to a color console screen and your phone. And like the Netatmo, it works with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Additionally, the weather station can use your Wi-Fi network to get the weather from other locations through Weather Underground, which is a great service.

After the show we received a comment from a listener suggesting the BloomSky Sky2 weather kit, which costs $299.99 and collects temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and precipitation (the rain gauge and anemometer are sold separately). This product comes with a solar panel, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the ability to share your weather data with the community. It also has a camera that snaps pictures.

To hear Jeff’s question in full, as well as our discussion, tune in below to the IoT Podcast:


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