We are conducting 2 day free live series on this topic over the weekend of July 21st and 22nd.

Here is the sample video and you will find the link to the course in description of this video.

Also if you are expert in this area, your feedback and inputs are welcome.

As part of this free online course, you will learn

  • Provision bare metal server and set up 7 virtual machines using Vagrant as well as rent ec2 instances from AWS

  • Use ansible to perform common tasks on all the nodes

  • Understand Hadoop core components such as HDFS and YARN with Map Reduce

  • Setup HDFS and YARN using Ansible

After this free course, you will be getting

  • Simple vagrant script to create simulated 7 node environment

  • Ansible commands and playbook to automate tasks

  • aspects of Hadoop and necessary commands

  • More importantly, you should be able to build multinode clusters with in no

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