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Quite often we have to build Big clusters using plain vanilla distributions rather than using vendor distributions such as Cloudera or Hortonworks. It is not practical to manually set up the cluster, rather we need to use server automation tools like Puppet, Chef or Ansible. We are going to set up a 7 node Hadoop (HDFS + YARN) cluster using Ansible.

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Live sessions will be conducted on July 21st and 22nd via YouTube live, after which the same videos archive will be available in this course.

Here is the agenda for the course

  • Provision baremetal server and install CentOS (OVH)

  • Setup single node hadoop cluster

  • Setup 7 virtual machines on bare metal server using Vagrant

  • Setup 7 EC2 instances on AWS

  • Understand basics of Ansible

  • Develop Ansible Playbook to set up binaries

  • Configure HDFS on the cluster

  • Configure YARN on the cluster

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