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3 Simple Strategies of , Uber for Doctors App, For Developing a Successful Doctor On-Demand App

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This blog is for health startups and entrepreneurs. Read on three simple strategies of Doctolib, Uber for doctors app, for developing a successful doctor on-demand app.

In the recent time, the healthcare industry has seen an exponential growth due to several technological advancements in the field. The mHealth sector is touching new heights with the emergence of doctor on-demand apps that have changed the way we book appointments with doctors.

According to the from, the mHealth size is expected to increase to $58.8 billion in 2020 from $25.39 in 2017. Considering the report, we can say that the market size will be more than twice during the next three years. Now, people no more have to call or walk-in to the doctor’s clinic to book appointments. Apps for doctor appointments have made it easy to book and consult a doctor from the comfort of the home.

Talking about Doctolib, French-based doctor appointment booking startup, it will take benefit of the recent legal changes, allowing people to book face-to-face and remote appointments using Doctolib app, according to the recent report by TechCrunch. Doctolib is the biggest online and mobile booking platform, helping patients to find a specialist doctor nearby and book an appointment.

Before talking about the strategies of this successful French-based startup, let’s check out some facts and figures of this doctor finder app.

Facts & Figures of Doctolib (Doctor Finder App)

  • Founded back in 2013, Doctolib is a marketplace with over 60,000 practitioners using this platform in order to manage calendars.
  • Every month, more than 20 million patients visit Doctolib in France and Germany and book appointment through its application.
  • Using this Uber for doctor application, patients can book over 1200 health facilities as per their convenience.
  • The app has over 60000 health professionals to represent all the medical and paramedical specialities.
  • So far, this health startup has raised $96.4 million that makes it one of the best-funded health startups in Europe.

Moving ahead towards 3 simple strategies of Doctolib that you as a health startup or entrepreneur can consider while developing doctor appointment apps like Doctolib, Kry or ZocDoc.

1. Provide Solution for Both Practitioners & Patients

Doctolib is a successful online health platform in Europe and Germany. When it comes to talking about the strategy behind the success of this startup, the platform provides a solution for both professional practitioners and patients to connect without any hassle.

Currently, this mobile doctor app has over 60,000 practitioners to use this platform in order to manage calendars and let patients book appointments with desired doctor in their nearby area. By providing a solution to both, doctors and patients, the application is browsed by millions of people on the daily basis.

solution-for-doctors-patients  - solution doctor patients - Doctor Finder App Development – 3 Strategies of Doctolib to Consider

For doctors, this doctor appointment reminder app provides a full range of service to improve booking management, reduce no-show and bring many new patients to them. While for patients, this on-demand doctor app is a free online service to find a nearby health practitioner and book an appointment 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Being a healthcare startup and entrepreneur, you can consider this strategy of Doctolib and provide a solution to both doctors and patients while developing a doctor appointment app.

2. An Array of Features & Services

Another successful strategy of Doctolib app is an array of features and services on the website and application, allowing practitioners and patients to connect easily. In just 10 seconds, patients can find a health professional like the dentist, gynaecologist, dermatologist, eye-specialist, surgeon, osteopath, physiotherapist general practitioner and orthodontist.

range-of-features-services  - on demand doctor app - Doctor Finder App Development – 3 Strategies of Doctolib to Consider

Even, the patient can find useful information like tariffs, subspecialties, accept the Vitale card, and check availability to book the appointment directly online. In addition, patients will instantly get an appointment confirmation through notification or alert.

Whether it is about any health professional or patient, Doctolib delivers an exclusive range of features and services for both, allowing them to have access to uninterrupted services. So, if you are running a healthcare startup, make sure that you develop such telemedicine app that comes with a lot of features, serving both health practitioners and patients.

3. Convenience & Ease

In today’s fast-moving life, people are short of time to go out or walk into the doctor’s clinic to book an appointment. Most of the people do not prefer to spend hours at the doctor’s clinic to meet him and discuss health issues. Rather, people prefer booking online appointments from the comfort of their home. If they can do it using their mobile phone, it would be more convenient for them.

convenience-ease-booking  - convenience ease booking 01 - Doctor Finder App Development – 3 Strategies of Doctolib to Consider

Doctolib has analyzed the problem of patients and launched online platform in terms of website and application that allows patients to book an appointment with any health professional in just a few taps. Patients and doctors both are experiencing the ease of accessing services online through Doctolib that provides solutions for both practitioners and patients.

Furthermore, online appointment booking has reduced the hassle of waiting in the queue at doctor’s clinic as it allows patients to check the availability of doctor along with its consulting charges. So, make sure that you consider providing convenience and ease to patients while accessing health facilities and booking appointments. To develop a successful doctor on demand app like Doctolib, convenience and ease are important to consider.

Summing It Up

Today, hundreds of thousands of health centers, hospitals, clinics, kids care centers, and rehab centers are developing their own Uber for health apps, allowing doctors and patients to connect without any hassle. Using doctor finder apps like Doctolib, patients can find an experienced health practitioner and book an appointment as per the availability.

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