Hello everyone. I'm the dev for Tornado Music Player. It's not super popular but hey, I'm this far I might as well finish the . So my problem is this: I'm trying to add a feature to edit tags in an and I'm sort of stuck a bit. I've managed to get the root of the SD card tree from the using Storage Access Framework (SAF) however I'm really really struggling to write a file. Let's say I have access using SAF at dir/ and I have a file at dir/dir1/song.mp3 if I try to write to dir/dir1 im hit with a permission denied error. It makes no sense but if I within dir/ I'm able to see the file. This does not make much sense.

If anyone has any idea on how to make this work I would greatly greatly appreciate it! If you need me to clarify I'd be happy to do so I hope I my problem well enough. I'd appreciate any help anyone would be able to lend me in solving this. I've been stuck on this problem for about a week now…

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