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Remember ? People loved that and kept theirs up until very recently. In the social media landscape, that act of reading someone else’s journal really people in a very specific way. Dreamwidth is a website that is sort of like that.

This site doesn’t look like much. Honestly, the website looks like a place where you buy car parts. It’s very utilitarian upfront but it’s hiding a pretty wonderful community and interactions under it. The site lets people post their creative works, whatever kind they make, in their journals. They are sorted by subject and creatives can become parts of .

There is a limited free service and for more functions you will have to pay monthly fee. Paid accounts allow for more inbox space, subscriptions as well as a few other administration perks. The general services stay the same between paid and free accounts.

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Donyae’s love for technology is based on a need to survive our future robotic overlords. Know thy enemy as you know yourself. But since even odds are on the zombie future, she has also learned how to prepare squirrel. You can find her on Facebook until the robots – or zombies – rise up.

Donyae Coles – who has written posts on The Red Ferret Journal.

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