- dead vectr - Drop everything and download: Vectr

Ever seen anything pretty on the Internet? You know, like stylish icons, digital art or cool shapes and stuff? Chances are that vectors are involved somewhere.

At their most basic, vector graphics use points, paths and polygons – rather than pixels – to render images. This means you can resize them without losing any quality – and is a and easy way to make your own.

Think of it as a toned-down version of Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator programs, with a focus on creating delightful graphics for the . You can craft paths, draw shapes, play with layers and styles and, well, do just about anything your creative brain can muster.

Besides its sheer simplicity (Vectr walks you through step-by-step tutorials as soon as you fire it up), it’s also built for sharing and collaboration. Share a link to your work, for example, and you can work with someone on the same design in . There’s even an online editor in case you’re away from your own machine.

While there’s still a gulf between grasping Vectr’s tools and actually using them to create digital masterpieces, if you’re a blogger, vlogger, webber or jobber, it’s a brilliant way to wade into the world of vectors.

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