Sorry, I was to lazy to publish release notes for version 1.7. (published in February 2017) and version 1.7.13 (published two weeks ago). So here they are. The release is tagged on GitHub as well as released via Cocoapods.


  • FIXED: DTReachability stops working when is backgrounded
  • FIXED: DTASN1Parser fails to parse date if user manually switched to 12-hour clock
  • FIXED: An incorrect autorelease
  • FIXED: Some problems making it non-extension friendly.
  • FIXED: Linting problems in pod spec
  • FIXED in 1.7.12: [DTAnimatedGIF] An invalid file path causes a crash on loading
  • CHANGED: Draw DTTiledLayerWithoutFade on main thread
  • CHANGED: Minimum macOS requirement is now OSX .8

I found that apparently some changes to Cocoapods and/or Xcode 9 caused the pod spec linting to fail on the macOS platform. The main reason was that certain syntactic sugar accessing dictionary and arrays via square brackets apparently weren’t added for macOS before 10.8. Hence the increased minimum requirement, because I couldn’t be bothered to adapt the code to build for 10. and 10.7.

Thanks to ChiHocbrentdaxsirnacnudJohennes and gugmaster for their contributions to this release!

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