This week on the Making Simple Podcast, Dinesh Nirmal, Vice President, Analytics Development, joins us to discuss AI.  He discusses how companies can ladder to AI, if AI is really a threat to our jobs, and the qualities that define a great leader. Learn the stages of product development and how you can more effectively lead your team.

00.30 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.40 Connect with Dinesh Nirmal on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01.20 What is new with Db2?

02.25 Learn more about the IBM Silicon Valley Lab.

04.20 What are key steps into being a leader

.40 Want to listen to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast? Check out Revisionist History.

10.50 What is the between AI and Machine Learning?

.30 Learn more about the Ladder to AI.

18.30 Learn more about IBM Cloud Private Data






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