You want to get in shape and that’s a worthy goal. So you do the right thing and buy yourself an exercise bike. That’s awesome. You are well on your way to health.

Never Ride Alone

There’s just one problem. Riding a stationary bike for long periods of time is just plain boring. Even if you listen to music or watch TV, you are hardly engaged and motivated to keep going. It’s a real problem. You are alone with your bike and that just isn’t inspirational, is it?

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There is a solution to this dilemma and it is called . The Connect is an exercise bike that engages you during your workout. It can be fully integrated via Bluetooth with the Fit to track distance, speed, cadence, calories burned, and heart rate. It has 32 levels of resistance for a challenging workout for advanced riders and adjusted resistance for beginners as well.

This bike is lightweight and made with quality materials. The whisper quiet flywheel is a nice touch.

But the bike is just part of the fitness equation.

The accompanying app lets you stay motivated with professional and engaging trainers. Echelon’s trainers are devoted to their job and love what they do. These are real people, who know what they are doing.

Through the app, you will immersive fitness from the comfort of your own . You will have access to , On Demand classes, Scenic rides, Yoga, Stretching, and many other classes, with the trainer of your choice. This entire system is all about you.

Echelon Delivers A Live Studio Fitness Experience In Your Home  - Echelon Delivers A Live Studio Fitness Experience In Your Home1 - Echelon Delivers A Live Studio Fitness Experience In Your Home

Echelon is unlike any other exercise bike.

This System Helps You Stay Focused

Echelon’s choice of spokesperson says it all as it is non-other than Denise Austin herself. Denise is famous for her life-long love and commitment to fitness. Her career has motivated millions of people to get fit and stay healthy.

There’s no need to be bored with your exercise bike ever again. And you are never alone. There’s always someone to encourage and help you.

Echelon A Live Fitness Experience In Your Home

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