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Musk has a lot of great ideas. They involve putting humans on Mars, improving public transportation, revolutionizing the car industry, etc. His latest idea, or the one he has just made public now, is likely going to be a cause for concern to many. Musk has said that he’s toying with the idea of a service that will enable the public to rank the “core truth” of stories, publications, , and editors. What that means is that the service will essentially let users rank . As one of his followers pointed out that it will be a “Yelp for ,” to which Musk simply said “exactly.”

Musk mentioned that the service may be called Pravda which is a not so subtle reference to the state newspaper of Soviet Russia. He didn’t just get this idea now, though, as Gizmodo points out that Pravda has already existed since October last year.

Pravda Corp was certified as a corporation in Delaware on October 18th, 2017. Jared Birchall is listed as the officer. He already holds several roles in some of Musk’s other ventures such as The Boring Company.

Musk confirmed the filing to the scribe and said that work on Pravda will move forward as soon as he’s “done working on the Model 3.” He didn’t confirm if any other individuals are involved with Pravda so far.

This won’t be the only media company that Musk will likely be backing. Thud!, the humor media company he hired former staffers of The Onion to create, exists as well though there’s nothing to show for it at this point in .

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