Firstly I’d like to say how sorry I am to open this pandora but I think this will happen anyway.

We’ve been surprised recently by how well big companies like Google or Facebook know us. They can profile us based on the we input into the . Based on e-mail, reddit comments and our other activity. They know what we like, predict what we fear of, can even tell our plans for future.

Currently, in the , there’s a lot of guides, articles and videos and magazines that just want people to read their articles, mostly to sell ads and products.

A good story is about emotions. There is usually a narrative, a plot that helps you imagine a situation, get under someone’s skin.

For instance: Joe had a good life and a family until one day everything has changed. He lost his job and … . He tried had but eventually that was to much. He couldn’t handle that much. Then goes the story and then a product ad comes up.

But why do I care about him losing job if I have a good insurence? I don’t feel personally attached to him nor do I personificate with this scenario.

But thanks to the new discoveries in machine learning and big data, I as an chief editor can (will be able to) buy a subscription of a new startup company that will replace the part about losing job with something that you are afraid of the most. Whether it will be cancer, divorce, bankruptcy or whatever triggers you.

And every single person reading the article will have a different content in multiple parts of the article. No group of people will ever read the same article again, yet everyone will feel devastated, we will all live in our own bubbles.

This is terrible and this will happen.

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