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The middle of February is a romantic , and the new app fits with the period perfectly. The app details the story of as she lives her day to day in a monotonous routine, and then stumbles upon her first love. is first and foremost an interactive storybook app, though there are some simple mini-games included to proceed the storyline. The entire story is told without any dialogue, and instead uses beautiful artwork with charming animations.

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The story of Florence is spread across 20 chapters from the to Florence, to the meeting with Krish, and their eventual relationship. Like any relationship, it’s not perfect so there are ups and downs that you get to follow along with. What truly makes Florence stand out is the way it ties your interactions with the current flow of the narrative. For example, on the first date there are puzzle pieces to put together to create the chat bubbles. The first few responses have six pieces, but slowly you work your way to only two or three pieces as the couple becomes more comfortable with one another. Even the simple actions of brushing teeth, rearranging furniture, and eating breakfast gain new meaning with your interactions set in the juxtaposition of Florence alone and then with Krish.

An interactive storybook that is filled with mini games, and follows the story for a first love.

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Florence is an evocative app that is surprisingly heartfelt without any dialogue and its quick play through. The 20 chapters only take about a half hour to get through, and yet you still feel a connection to Florence, and the journey that she goes on. The only drawback of the app is the quick nature of it, that leaves you wanting more. This isn’t the type of experience that warrants multiple play throughs as there aren’t dialogue choices with multiple endings. It goes by fast, but a great range of craftsmanship is on display that really connects with the user. There’s also an underlying authentic and modern feel to everything depicted that you can’t help but appreciate.

Florence is a great story experience to partake in, even if it goes by far too quickly.

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