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Exploring Moshi’s Kotlin Code Gen – Zac Sweers
Tabloids are attention grabbers! They are a great way of promoting content. Tabloids are commonly used to display top stories or showcase popular items.
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Since there are a lot of new stuff at Google IO 2018 I decided to make a small article with useful android links.
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People often miss the difference between Iterable and Sequence. It is explainable. Especially when you compare Iterable and Sequence…
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Moshi lets you apply custom deserialization semantics using annotations.
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Part 1: The basic idea

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With recent Android releases dealing with background, it has become more complicated than ever.
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Sceneform is a 3D framework, with a physically based renderer, that’s optimized for , and that makes it easy for Java developers to build augmented reality apps.
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In this episode of Fragmented, Kaushik talks to Chiuki & Huyen from Android Dialogs and Russell & Philip from Pocket Casts. Fresh after IO we huddled in a room to talk about our first and what we thought were some of the highlights for us Android developers.
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With Architecture Components, the role of Fragments has evolved. This session will explore the changing responsibilities of a Fragment and talk about ongoing…
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Represents a virtual display. The content of a virtual display is rendered to a Surface that you must provide to createVirtualDisplay(). 
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