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The light from our screens allow us to see easily but they’re also disrupting our sleep patterns. Bummer because we need sleep to like, live and stuff. But we also need our computers for like, so many things. Anyway, if you’re a late night user, don’t let screen light mess with you, try f.lux, the software that tones down your screen.

Most of our smartphones have built in software so that we can lower the of our screens to match the time of day we’re on. Which is great because no one like blinding themselves when they go to check the time. This is basically the same principal. It just gives you the ability to match the of your screen to the time of day.

At night, you can set it more to look indoor lights instead of the bright sunlight action that it gives you otherwise. Thus it will interrupt your natural sleep rhythms less, science. Free for personal use, check out the website for more information.

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