this week announced that it has opened its Instant Games platform to all . The , which had been in beta, allows developers to build HTML5-based that can be played across Facebook directly within News Feeds and in Messenger conversations on desktop and devices. 

The social networking giant says that nearly 200 games were built by developers participating in the Games beta, and now that the platform is available to all developers, it is also expanding the capabilities of the platform with new functionality.

That new functionality includes an Ads API that allows developers to monetize their games using ad formats supported by Facebook’s Audience Network. In addition, Facebook added a Game Switch API that allows game developers to cross-promote other games or game updates. Developers can also create deep links to their games for use outside of Facebook and Messenger.

To help developers get started with Instant Games and build and launch their games more efficiently, Facebook is recommending a number of HTML5 game engines, PixiJS, Panda 2, Egret Engine and BabylonJS.

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