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Teaching kids how to handle money is a big deal, after all, they’ll have to do that a lot when they grow up. You can give them some real-world training in a protected space with Fam Zoo, the child friendly solution.

Handing your kid cash is like, so last year. Well, actually, since it’s likely that your child will hardly use cash when they’re an adult, teaching them to manage through debit cards would likely be a better plan. Zoo gives you controlled debit cards that can be used anywhere.

There are two types, one is a series of prepaid cards that stores real money. The other is an IOU system where the money is stored in other accounts. Both systems allow children to use apps to keep track of their money. Parents can outline savings and spending plans so that they can get used to those values. It’s a really hands on way to teach money management to children that they can take with them as they grow. Check out the website for more information.

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