• March 14,
  • By Staff

Documents made public as a result of a proposed class-action lawsuit against Microsoft reveal that the software developer̵;s department fielded female complaints related to gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and pregnancy discrimination between 20 and 2016. It is not known how many of the total number of complaints resulted in actions at the company, but of the 118 complaints of gender discrimination made by female developers and other women in technical roles, only one was deemed to be “founded.” Of the 8 incidents of sexual harassment and assault — three accusations of rape — at least 15 were “founded,” in Microsoft’s opinion.

One of the female plaintiffs in the lawsuit said, “Our organization is actually empowering a culture of exclusion.” The three plaintiffs are seeking class-action status, which could add around 8,600 women to the case. They allege that Microsoft’s unfair practices denied women 500 promotions and $238 million in pay.

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