Unless you’re just starting out with electronics, you’ve likely developed a collection of bits and pieces that could well be used for your next amazing idea. While having component x, y, and z on hand is great, where do you store everything? And more importantly, how do you find it when needed?

The FindyBot3000 by Dustin Dobransky answers both questions, as likely the most amazing DIY storage contraption that you’ve ever seen. It consists of four sets of drawers, each with its own set of programmable LEDs. This gives Dobransky lots of room for parts, and when he has something new to add, he checks it in with a Google , using phrases like, “OK Google, insert 50 red LEDs.” The Google Assistant then replies that it’s locating space for the part/parts, and the appropriate drawer magically lights up to show him where to deposit the components in question.

Parts locations are stored in a database, allowing the system to help him find stored parts by lighting up the appropriate drawer to pull from when queried. Parts finding can even be accomplished using descriptive tags if he doesn’t know exactly what a certain “thingy” is called. It’s an impressive build, using a variety of technologies, from Google Home, IFTTT, a Particle Photon to control the LEDs, Azure, and SQL for storage.

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