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What’s old is new again – Mvelopes, the PFM platform from Finicity that uses a digitized version of the time-tested envelope budgeting method to help people improve their habits, is launching . The -week crash course in personal finance leverages the same strategies behavior modification strategies used by health and fitness coaches to provide financial education, resources, and a financial plan. Even the length of the program is based on studies from the University of College London that indicate that 66 days is the amount of time needed to permanently develop new habits.

“The coaching aspect of the Mvelopes Budget Makever is unlike anything else offered in the personal finance space,” EVP of Consumer Services for Mvelopes Christopher Tracy said. “It’s a high-touch and highly personalized program that benefits our users with measurable, long-term financial impact.”

During the program, Budget Makeover clients will get an initial financial assessment, seven financial training sessions, daily check-in texts, bi-weekly budget reviews, and a weekly challenge from an Mvelopes-certified financial trainer. Clients will also have access to the Mvelopes – available in iOS and Android – which provides real-time insights into their personalized budget.

“In the 17-plus years we’ve spent perfecting our budgeting products, we’ve seen that accountability is the single, most important factor in actually developing new behaviors that lead to long-lasting change,” Mvelopes director of financial training Wes Shelnutt said.

To find out more about how to become a part of the Mvelopes Budget Makever, visit

Created by Finicity in 1999, Mvelopes offers a trio of plans – Basic, Plus, and Complete. Each provides varying levels of service, ranging from auto transaction importing and balancing monitoring with the Basic plan, to debt assessment and a dedicated personal coach with the Plus and Complete plans. The plans range in cost from $4 a month for Basic, to $19 a month for Plus, to $79 a month for Complete.

Finicity demonstrated its Credit Decisioning platform at FinovateSpring 2017. The solution simplifies access to its Verification of Income (VoI) and Verification of Assets (VoA) reports, making it easier for lenders to quickly verify information on borrowers. The company has also participated in our developer’s conference, discussing The Frictionless Aggregation Experience at FinDEVr New York 2017.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Finicity has raised more than $50 million in funding, and includes fellow Finovate alum Experian among its investors. Steve Smith is CEO.

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