- fitbitaltahrlead - Fitbit’s latest wearable sticks a heart rate tracker in a tiny shell

Hang about, so the only thing that’s new is a - tracker?

Pretty much – but don’t be so negative. Wearables only really make sense when they’ve got a pulse reader built-in, so the inclusion of Fitbit’s PurePulse tech on the Alta HR should make it a much more useful device over the original Alta.

It’ll count your calories with greater accuracy for starters, with continuous background that can better optimise feedback and exercise zones. Combined with automatic activity recognition, that makes the Alta HR quite the consumate performer. 

In all honesty, I’m more ‘nap on the sofa’ than ‘scrum on the pitch’.

Not to worry, sleepy friend: heart rate makes sleep sensing better, too. Slap on the Alta HR before you hit the sack and it’ll use a combination of accelerometer and pulse readings to figure out just how well you’re snoozing, the stages of sleep you go through.

What’s more, it’ll channel the results into a magic mixer with your exercise logs to produce personalised recommendations (or ‘Sleep Insights’) and a solid schedule that’ll have you feeling properly perky.


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