- Flexy paw - Flexy Paw – get your doggo to sit still for photos

There’s nothing like cute pictures of your pets to really liven up your life. The only problem is that pets, especially dogs, are pretty easily distracted by, well, everything. If you want to get better pictures of your to show off, check out the Flexy Paw, the little attachment that will keep your dog in place so you can snap a photo.

This clips on to your smartphone. The handle holds a treat so that your dog will wait patiently for you to snap a photo. Dogs are very food motivated. Super easy to use, attach to phone, attach treat, point and shoot. Safe for both children and adults and works on all breeds of dog.

What it doesn’t work on would be dogs that are not well trained. If your little fuzzball won’t for treats under normal circumstances, this won’t work any better for them. Still, if you’ve got a dog that can follow some simple directions, check out this handy gadget. It’s $14.99.

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