No matter how much I personally like functional programming, I know that it is not a one- fits all solution for every problem.

Vald M knows this too. Which is why they sent us an email that simply said: “We have a functional programmer on the team”, with this representative line attached.

function groupByBreakdown (breakdowns) {
        return R.(
      , [R.prop, R.identity])))

The use of R.pipe is a good argument about why the proposed pipeline operator is a terrible idea whose isn’t going to come. Ever. Yes, there’s value in being able to easily compose functions into a pipeline. Shells support pipelining for a reaason, after all. But it’s an awkward fit into imperative languages, and unfortunately, the tool is too dangerous to be used in -world code. Even functional languages, like Elixir, warn you against abusing the pipeline. Mixing opaque functional styles with JavaScript is just flirting with disaster. I mean, more disaster than JavaScript already is.

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