Every once in a while, in the car news updates, we hear something about a new flying car. None of the cars, so far, have managed to make it up in the air or even on the road except the Terrafugia’s TF-X. However, apart from Terrafugia, the PAL-V is slowly making its way to the .

If you’re optimistic about the car flying companies that they will successfully build a and working flying car, the PAL-V Liberty is here to put an end to it.

- Pal V 1 - Fly To The Sky with PAL-V Liberty

The PAL-V Liberty is a real flying car that can transport 2 people either on the road or up in the air. It allows you to drive along roads and highways like most people do, all while permitting you to take your vehicle to higher grounds when you’d rather travel without that heavy traffic.

Although it will not allow you to have an amazing vertical take-off right out of a crowded road, the PAL-V Liberty can bring you some convenience when it comes to air and capabilities. It will give you a more futuristic feel.

- Pal V 2 - Fly To The Sky with PAL-V Liberty

Unlike most of the previously released flying car prototypes you’ve seen, the PAL-V Liberty has the ability to collapse into a compact size, taking up less space than your SUV. As such, it would perfectly fit in your garage like any other cars you have.

As far as appearance goes, the PAL-V Liberty is very different from traditional cars. It has a mass of foldable frames and 3-wheel chassis for a better vehicle flight mechanism. The PAL-V is fitted with a 200 HP unit in the air with a max speed of 112 mph and 0 HP for the road with an acceleration rate of 0-60 in less than 9 seconds. Additionally, it has a maximum 11, 480 feet operating altitude.

If you’re shifting from road to flight mode, you will need a takeoff distance of approximately 1, 082 feet in order to truly let your PAL-V Liberty .

- Pal V 3 - Fly To The Sky with PAL-V Liberty


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