- clip to waist foci 640x335 - FOCI Wearable Device Boosts Focus To Fight Tech Addiction
Addiction to technology is a serious concern which is why many companies and services are building time spent features into their products so that their users can see how much time they’re spending and adjust their usage habits if they’re spending more time than they should be. is a device that aims to fight addition by boosting the user’s focus.

FOCI is a wearable device that clips to the waist. It racks diaphragmatic breathing waveforms with a motion sensor and uses machine learning to differentiate breathing from noise. It also identifies the patterns and matches them to different cognitive states. It adapts the neuro-respiratory data to the user so that they can become aware of their varying cognitive states in time.

The AI Mind Coach lets users take advantage of that information with additional insight. It will point out the mistakes they make when trying to focus and provide them with advice in real time to boost their focus. The device will gently nudge the user through vibration feedback to remind them to refocus.

FOCI was launched as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and it has already raised much more than its $13,133 goal. At the time of publishing, the campaign has raised more than $120,000. The least amount of money that you can pledge right now for a FOCI wearable is $65. Delivery is estimated in October .

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