- fordautolivery - Ford’s Autolivery concept takes the ‘man’ out of postman

Drones can’t everywhere, though?

Nope, and Ford knows it. That’s why it has also crafted a clutch of concepts to solve the urban mobility problem. Carr-E, for example, is a little round ‘bot the size of a spare wheel – it’ll happily carry boxes around your neighbourhood’s roads and paths.

It’s not clear what’ll happen when the local yoofs try to hitch a lift, but we’d rather have a bunch of little machines trundling around than those pesky “hoverboards”.

Who’s come up with this shiny robo-concept? And where will it actually work?

It’s all part of Ford’s push to reduce pollution and congestion, and the ideas have come from Ford’s own employees, who’ve been encouraged to invent and innovate. The scheme has already delivered all kinds of quirky kit, from urban tricycles to those dinky drones.

As for where we’ll actually see this ‘city of tomorrow’, it’s unlikely to come to your nearest capital any soon – but Ford is aiming to have a fully autonomous commercial vehicle in operation by 2021, with mobility concepts such as ride- and bike-sharing already in place in cities such as London and San Francisco. Which all bodes well for speedier online ordering.

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