Fortnite Mobile $50 Million Hero  - fortnite 50 million hero - Fortnite Hits $50 Million on iOS as Season Four Debut Quadruples Revenue

After pulling in more than $25 million in its first 30 days on mobile, Fortnite has just reached another major milestone. Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data that the game has already more than doubled its first month’s revenue in just over two weeks, with players having spent more than $ in the title since its March 15 launch.

was sent soaring over the $50 million mark by the debut of the game’s fourth of content, which sees its battleground bombarded by meteorite fragments—and which resulted in equally out-of-this-world growth of week-over-week revenue. Player spending in the game on May 1 grew 293 percent, or a nearly four times increase, versus the preceding Tuesday. This rapid quadrupling of revenue resulted from a significant number of players laying out about $10 worth of in-game currency apiece for Fortnite’s season four Battle Pass, which unlocks additional content and other perks for completing specific challenges during the season.

Chart showing Fortnite's gross revenue from launch to May 1, 2018  - fortnite daily revenue to 50 million - Fortnite Hits $50 Million on iOS as Season Four Debut Quadruples Revenue

Epic Games has already started rolling out additional season four content, new character skins which are each only available for a limited time. This approach of selling items for a specific period of time only, versus traditional randomized loot boxes, has worked to the tune of $1 million in player spending per day on average so far in the mobile version of Fortnite alone.

As we recently found, this approach is also proving to be significantly more lucrative than the aforementioned loot box model is for the game’s largest rival. PUBG Mobile only earned about 20 percent of Fortnite’s first week revenue during its initial seven days with in-app purchases, despite its significantly larger global player base on .

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