How to your first #DataScience Job?

Get all of your questions answered and obtain valuable insights from Kyle McKiou at our next Webinar Series this Saturday!

➤ Mark your Calendar – May 19, (@ 5:30 PM PST)

➤ Register Here –…/4415…/WN_55vA24M-R4ufFcMvHBi4eg

➤ These are some of the questions to keep in mind:
1. But what does a scientist actually do?
2. How can you break into the profession?
3. What skills would you need to do so?
4. Where are the jobs?

Thanks to our team at IDEAS, I’ll be hosting this one hour webinar and it’ll be a live Q/A session, featuring important questions asked by: YOU!

Prepare your questions, get your notes out, and grab some popcorn. Because this is a one-of-a-kind webinar you do not want to miss!

Really excited about this, and big thanks to Kyle for taking his to spend an hour with us to answer any questions about Data Science and Machine Learning.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for more information:

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