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The is full of distractions. I checked my phone and like five websites before I even finished that last sentence. I’m kidding, it was two websites. Anyway! If you need to cut down on your time and be more productive, check out Freedom, the cross-platform that will help you stay on track.

Apps that block the internet completely aren’t the best solution for everyone. After all, you may need the internet to research your project of maybe you just can’t get your done without your killer online playlists. is targeted to block specific apps and websites giving you the you need for the of your .

You can set up sessions in advance so your productive time is more scheduled or just start a session whenever you want. This app works across various platforms so that your settings are saved from device to device. The downside is that although it works with Windows, it does not work with . But if you do most of your work on a PC, then it’s got you covered, just leave your phone in another room. It is a subscription service and starts at $6.99 a month.

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Donyae’s love for technology is based on a need to survive our future robotic overlords. Know thy enemy as you know yourself. But since even odds are on the zombie future, she has also learned how to prepare squirrel. You can find her on Facebook until the robots – or zombies – rise up.

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