- Screenshot 97 740x529 - FreezerBoy Magnets Make Your Refrigerator Cool As Ice

As if being an adult didn’t already have a ton of benefits, like being able to drive, drink alcohol and buy your own video games, you can now go out and buy that make your refrigerator look like a GameBoy.

The is a set which includes 6 magnets to make your fridge look just like your 90’s -killer. The ‘screen’ is even a dry-erase board so you can write down grocery lists, or better yet, draw half-assed recreations of your games. I mean, who’s gonna stop you? You’re an adult.

Man, isn’t being an adult great? You can buy all the GameBoy-inspired fridge magnets you want. Of course, you do have to work endless, miserable hours at a day job you couldn’t care less about in order to buy those magnets. Then, you can’t even appreciate them because you too busy worrying about being buried in student loan debt. All the while, knowing that one day you’ll be too old to appreciate anything anymore, as life continues to slip past your fingertips.

Each set is only $20 though, so that’s .

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