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Paris-based banking startup Lydia is looking to become a “meta-banking app” that will allow to find several financial products in its hub, TechCrunch reported today.

The app, which currently offers peer-to-peer payment services, will also be launching “Lydia ,” a subscription-based service for users who wish to access these features.

Essentially, the startup will aggregate financial services into its app (like British equivalent Starling ’s marketplace), and will be focusing on “people-centric, exclusive features you can’t find anywhere else,” Lydia co-founder and Chief Executive Cyril Chiche said.

The new features, available for about $3.69 per month with Lydia Premium, allows to add new IBAN recipients, using an old IBAN account, send money, or schedule reoccurring transactions. The Premium subscription also allows users to see an overview of all of their accounts within the app.

For those users who not to go with Premium, the app’s existing P2P features are still free to use. Lydia has just over one million users registered to its app, available on Apple and in select countries.

Read more at TechCrunch and Lydia.

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