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@Clive – I’ve mentioned before the value of having Bruce’s ten closest friends write a book in the style of John Mauldin’s “Just One Thing.” I probably mentioned that John Mauldin is the son of the famous WWII cartoonist, Bill Mauldin. I was slow to realize that you already have written enough to fill several or many books. It wouldn’t be wrong for you (or anyone else, as copyright is not asserted) to collect and edit your comments into a coherent whole. I’ve been too lazy and dysfunctional to tag my comments with “All Rights Reserved.” If it weren’t for dysfunction, I’d have no function.

BTW, I loved your story about the rubber gloves. Have you seen the story about putting a dozen chimps into a pen with a banana at the of a ladder? Every one of them goes up the ladder, the whole troop are doused with buckets of ice-water. They very quickly form a new social norm of never climbing ladders near bananas. Then the chimps are replaced one by one. When one of the veterans is replaced with a new chimp, it immediately scales the ladder, but has the crap beaten out of it by the other chimps before it can get to the banana. I think that the term of art is “enforcing social norms.” Eventually none of the chimps has been doused with ice-water, but they invariably beat the crap out of any newcomer with the temerity to scale the ladder.

I’ve taken some good pictures lately and I can imagine taking some more excellent pictures of energy-gapping hardware. I have short-term memory problems, which makes it difficult for me to find and navigate to old comments. It would be handy if someone put together a navigation page to find book and tool suggestions. I think that the potassium and magnesium intake are going to help me program again. My minions used Eagle circuit board software back in the day. I’d like to have an entire suite of open-source or freeware tools (including software, firmware, FPGA and hardware toolchains) that run under Linux to be able to systems.

the usual daily compendium was quite rich this morning

industrial controls directly connected to Internet? Why not? Ars Technica

Company shoots shiny orb into orbit and angers astronomers over ‘space graffiti.’ WaPo (The Rev Kev)

…[they screwed up the positioning of the link]

Ford Has An Idea For An Autonomous Car That Could Find A Hiding Spot Jolopnik (Chuck L)

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch


Your Faceprint Tomorrow The Baffler

What Algorithms Can Learn from Journalism Inside Flipboard (David L)

Exclusive: ICE is about to start tracking license plates across the US The Verge (Chuck L)

…[one way to develop a security mindset and minimize the attack surface]

Traveling While Black WaPo

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