The Internet of Things (IoT), whereby ‘dumb’ things are made smart by connecting them to the internet, gets a bad rep.

There’s the Internet of Shit Twitter account which records all the times these smart devices mess up, such as having to accept Terms and Conditions to use your oven, or when a smart thermostat breaks and you can’t sort your heating out.

In addition, there’s the issue that many of these devices have pretty weak , leaving them vulnerable to hacking.  

But, as the development of these devices continues there will be some products which are actually smart.

FridgeCam is one of them. 

Created by London-based Smarter, FridgeCam turns any fridge into a smart fridge. The discreet device is a camera that goes in your fridge, fitted with artificial intelligence (AI).

Why do I need AI in my fridge? Every you close your fridge door, the camera sends a picture of the inside of the fridge to the Smarter app. 

It then uses object recognition to create an inventory of what you have in stock, which enables you to see what is inside your fridge through the Smarter app when you’re food shopping.

Now you will never double-up on an ingredient or forget to buy something again because FridgeCam can keep you updated.

The camera sends a picture of the inside of your fridge to an app so you can see what food you have (Smarter)

As well, the device is able to manage best before dates so you know when your yoghurt is about to go off and you need to stock up. 

Smarter is working alongside Tesco so that this inventory can be sent to your Tesco shopping list so you know what you need to buy when you’re out and about.

Considering UK households are throwing away £700 worth of food a year, which is a lot in terms of cost and sheer waste, this device could go some way to changing that. 

Christian Lane, founder and CEO at Smarter, says the FridgeCam was created to deal with this everyday struggles of forgetting what’s in the fridge when you’re food shopping or having to throw away food again.

“As a company, we feel passionate about using technology for good, and with this device we have the first of what will be a range of different products that together have the potential to not just drastically reduce a family’s food waste but reduce it across the country and globally, which has massive benefits to the planet,” he adds. 

If you’re a smart home fan already with Alexa or the Google Assistant assisting with your home life, you can link FridgeCam up and integrate it with these devices.

Smarter isn’t the only company working on this kind of technology. Samsung is speeding ahead when it comes to smart home products and offers a similar feature in its smart fridges. 

But if you’re not ready to buy a whole new fridge, or can’t – say you rent your home – FridgeCam is a way to bring those smart technologies into your home and using it to complement your existing smart home ecosystem.

And, you can wave goodbye to throwing food out ever again. 

FridgeCam is available to buy now from Curry’s for £149.99 or £99.99 when purchased with a fridge. 

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