- fujifilm x t20 640x570 - Fujifilm X-H1 Could Be Announced On February 16So we have been hearing about how might have a new camera in the works in the form of the X-H1, and a recent rumor has pegged a potential release date for the 14th of February. However according to a report from Fuji Addict, it seems that a new potential announcement date could be had in the form of the 6th of .

This is because of an invite that The Camera Store TV has recently sent out in which they are inviting some to attend a film screening sponsored by Fujifilm. The film in question is said to be recorded by an unannounced equipment, and presumably the event will also make for a great opportunity for the company to announce the X-H1, which we can only assume was used to make the film.

Now it is possible that the previous date is still correct. Fujifilm could announce the camera on the 14th of February, followed by a screening at The Camera Store TV to further show off what the camera is capable off, so we wouldn’t rule out either date yet, but it should probably still be best to take it with a grain of salt.

For those learning about the X-H1 for the first , this is a new camera from Fujifilm that is said to be focused towards videographers. It will include several videographer-specific tools and features that they might appreciate, such as 4K video capture and in-body image stabilization, which is apparently a feature that could be exclusive to the X-H1 for a while.

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