“Farathus” needed last minute Christmas gift, and decided to make a cool gadget, rather than buy it off the shelf. What this came up with was an interesting lighting controller consisting of three main sliders to the color arrangement of a strip of LEDs, along with a knob to overall brightness, and a button that changes between on of three modes.

In the first configuration, each slider controls the R, G, and B light components individually, while the second fades between the three colors with the sliders regulating speed, color order, and which colors are displayed. A final mode involve a sinusoidal fade out, where the assembly shines white, then each component fades out at different speeds depending on the sliders. This gives the third mode a randomized look.

The board is controlled via a SparkFun Pro Micro, and uses three MOSFETs in order to handle the current involved in lighting the large number of LEDs. The trio of sliders are arranged nicely under a 3D-printed frame, giving it an extremely finished look, reminiscent of something you’d find on a spaceship — or perhaps a well-made sound board.

Be sure to check it out in action in the video seen here!

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