I was wondering if anyone has enough experience using to help me out. IR7;ve been reading through the documentation but ItR7;s hard (for me) to really grasp everything without a good example. I was wondering if anyone can point me to a fully working multiplayer game that uses GameKit. I wrote a very simple game that has no merit or anything other than to be an example of how to use Game Center. Or I was wondering if anyone will help me complete this (itR7;s literally just a turn based game where you press a button and then end your turn, however I want to use it as a learning experience). If you are willing to help me for a price PM me and IR7;ll see if itR7;s worth it (please note, again this is purely for learning and I will not profit from this working so I cannot pay much)
Anyways Here’s a GitHub of my “TestGameCenter” app

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