Last year, developer Greenheart Games revealed that they would be bringing their highly successful developer simulation game Game Tycoon to both iOS and . The iOS release went off without a hitch in November, so the developers were able to announce today that Game Dev Tycoon will release on Android on January 31.

This port of Game Dev Tycoon was developed in partnership with Austrian developer Rarebyte. The game will be available to purchase for only $4.99, and will not contain microtransactions of any kind, as that is a business practice that Greenheart Games is not fond of. Content-wise, the Android version of Game Dev Tycoon is identical to the iOS port of the game.

This means it contains an updated main storyline with new consoles and new topics to from. This version also has reworked UI to better fit a phone’s touchscreen and a difficult ‘Pirate mode’ which is based on the infamous version of the game that Greenheart Games’ uploaded themselves as a statement towards those who to pirate new games. All of these additions will also be to the PC version of the game soon via an update.

You can check out the release date announced trailer for the Android version of the game below. Game Dev Tycoon is currently available on PC and iOS, and Android devices will be added to that lineup on January 31.

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