April 30,

So, you think Ostriches can dance? They sure can in the new iOS Us. The game delivers one of the craziest premies on the Store. You get to play as an Ostrich, wearing a snazzy hat, who encounters three dancing ostriches in the park. Jump in line to try to dance in unison with the other ostriches for as long as you can in this arcade rhythm challenge. The game is all about touch, allowing you to swipe in four directions to match the dance moves, or tap the screen to plant your head in the ground.

Dance To The Beat  - 00001 - Game Of The Day: Ostrich Among Us

Ostrich Among Us delivers the classic quick action style, as each correct move nets one point, and you keep dancing until you make a mistake with the wrong move or timing. Since the game is about dancing, it’s great that there is a thumping soundtrack that is quite catchy. It’s easy to nod your head to the beat to get the timing to pull off the different dance moves. As you keep dancing, you will unlock more complex sequences of faster pace with dance moves stacked together. There is also a bonus mode every so often to earn some coins, which can be used to unlock new fancy hats for your ostrich. The game isn’t going to win awards for longevity on your device, but you owe yourself the chance to at least experience a dancing ostrich with a good beat.

Ostrich Among Us (Free,Universal) is well worth picking up, and will no doubt bring a smile to your face.

Ostrich Among Us  - 256x256bb - Game Of The Day: Ostrich Among Us

Ostrich Among Us

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