Good old is a side scrolling fighting game, inspired by pop culture from the nineties. With 11 characters to from, it’s a wild and fun game.

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You’ve probably already heard from 99Vidas if you’re a bit into the gaming world. It’s a retro side scrolling fighter game with some story and funny characters in it. It’s based in a fictional universe and has a lot of funny things like characters who fight with their big belly or a truck that’s going to run you over if you don’t fight fast enough. Some characters have specific combos and special powers, which make the game really interesting. The boss fights are a lot of fun and you can also play online with friends. The soundtrack on the background is awesome and really gives something extra to this game.

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Overall a very fun game, but for the younger games it might not be that interesting. Gamers who grew up with PS4 or Xbox One and graphics like GTA V or Red Dead Redemption, won’t be tempted to try a scrolling fighter game. For the older generation, who grew up with SNES or GameBoy and all that, this is still a lot of fun to play with! 99Vidas is now available on the .

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