YouTuber Allen Pan has created a pair of arm-mounted flame and nitrogen throwers.

Fans of the manga/anime My Hero Academia can now live the dream of having Shoto Torodoki’s Half-Cold Half-Hot in real thanks to freelance engineer Allen Pan’s latest (crazy) inventions — wrist-mounted flame and liquid nitrogen throwers. Pan designed and built the devices in honor of the series finally for this month.

Allen Pan’s wrist-mounted flame and nitrogen throwers are activated by a pair of switches mounted behind his wrists. (📷: Allen Pan)

The actual Half-Hot device was created earlier for Pan’s Real Firebending tribute to Avatar: The Last Air Bender movie and anime series, but I’ll get to that portion of the build later. For the Cold-Half of his project, Pan modified a paint-spraying canister by tapping-out the metal lid to fit a cryogenic temperature-rated solenoid valve, which he to a cryogenic relief valve, so the canister doesn’t explode when under pressure.

Modified spray canister with cryo-rated solenoid and pressure release valve. (📷: Allen Pan )

He then designed a metal clamp with a rubber insert (for comfort) that attaches to his arm and can engage a valve release switch mounted behind the of wrist. A simple push of the switch releases a super-cooled cloud of nitrogen that looks like it can freeze objects several feet away, depending on the amount of pressure in the container.

For the Hot-Half, Pan used a modified version of his Punch-Activated Arm Flamethrower that shoots fireballs when throwing hay-makers. This creation is a little more complicated than the Cold-Half as it uses an Arduino Pro Mini. As you might imagine, this is another of Pan’s extremely dangerous designs but with significant risk comes great rewards.

The flamethrower part of the design is pretty straightforward and consists of a butane fuel chamber with a solenoid release valve and a modified arc lighter connected to the business end. For punch activation, Pan used the Pro Mini along with an accelerometer programmed with a movement profile of quick positive acceleration and extreme deceleration performed within a fast window of just <100ms.

Pan’s Punch-Activate Flamethrower is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini and accelerometer. (📷: Allen Pan)

The electronics are powered by a LiPo battery, connected to the solenoid and arc lighter, and then mounted onto a metal and wood frame that attaches to the arm. The fire action is triggered when there is enough momentum and cuts off when the motion is abruptly stopped, thereby the wearer the power to bend fire.

Pan’s complete build tutorial and BOM for the Punch-Activated Flamethrower can be found on Hackster, and with and potentially harmful or destructive projects, construct at your own risk. More of Allen’s projects- including Rocket Legs, Real Burning Lightsaber, and Cyclops Visor (from X-Men) Eye Flamethrowers, can be seen on his YouTube channel.

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