Glad tidings! You can now give Swift Talk as a gift.

Available in three, six, and twelve month subscriptions, with a new episode every week, it’s a great way to show some love to the developer in your life.

If you haven’t tried before, we’re also a one month trial with all our books and bundles. Simply use the link in your receipt to subscribe and you’ll be credited with the first month for free.

Our books make great gifts too: send one by tapping the little icon by your email address when you checkout.

How the gift subscription works:

  • You will be asked for the recipient’s name, email address, and the day on which the gift should be delivered. If you like, you can write a personal message. We’ll then ask for your name, email address, and payment information.

  • On the day of your choosing, we will send the recipient an email with your message and a link to activate their subscription.

  • You make a one- payment on the day the gift is delivered. Gift subscriptions don’t auto-renew, and your payment information will not be associated with the new subscription.

  • Swift Talk is a weekly live-coding video series, following two experienced developers as we discuss -world problems and implement solutions while you watch. No ordinary , each episode is conversational in style, helping you follow our thoughts as they develop, and understand why we make the decisions we do.

To Swift Talk as a gift, click here.

Enjoy! 🎅

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