- retro barbie dream house 600x363 - Go retro with Barbie and her Dream House

has been around for years, and she’s had hundreds of jobs and thousands of outfits and accessories.  Today, she has fancy remote-controlled cars and multi-level houses, but back in the day, her accessories were simple and required using your imagination.  Mattel has harkened back to a simpler with the reintroduction of the 1962 .

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- retro barbie dream house 2 600x431 - Go retro with Barbie and her Dream House

Closed up, the house has a mid-century house design, and it stores and transports the furnishings.  Open it, and you’ll find Barbie’s living room, complete with hi-fi stereo/tv console and slimline furniture you assemble yourself. And unlike those modern Dream Houses, this one comes complete with a period-appropriate Barbie doll.

Barbie’s 1962 Reproduction Dream House with doll is available for $99.99 from Amazon.

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