I just got an email from to notify me that I have 30 days to a Developer Term .

This is a notification that your application, XXXXXXXXXXXXX, with package ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, is currently in violation of our developer terms. Your is collecting user via and must comply with the Prominent Requirement of our User policy.

Action required:
Please make modifications to bring your app into compliance within 30 days of the issuance of this notification, or your app will be removed.
You may want to consider adding a dialog notifying users of user data collection during crash reporting to ask their consent before the collection occurs.

Is this normal? Since when Crash Reporting is considered collecting personal or sensitive user data? (which is the case for which Google Play policy specify the need for the Prominent Disclosure)

By the way, my App already have Privacy Policy both inside the App and in the GP listing. But as specified in GP policy, if crash reporting case really require Prominent Disclosure, then this is not enough to inform the user)

Edit: I am using Crashalytcs and before that Firebase own service.

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