Without a good TV, it’s common to resort to your laptop or tablet to catch up on the latest episodes or watch a movie. And that’s great, especially if you don’t have a lot of entertainment space or you’re a student on the move.

Guess what – thinks it’s great, too! The company is making a very interesting offer for anyone who wants to buy a Chromebook (learn more here) for the holidays…and plans to use it for entertainment, too.

Specifically, this deal provides you with 6 of free Netflix when you buy a . Who doesn’t love Netflix? Considering that it’s a cultural mainstay these days, it’s easy to see why this offer may be attract for first- Chromebook (Learn More: users who also don’t already have a Netflix account…a dwindling number, yes, but it’s sure to attract some users. Plus, with the rising Netflix prices (around $ per month these days), that’s some attractive savings.

Chromebook: Google Deal Google Promises 6 Free Months of Netflix for Buying a Chromebook - Google Deal e1513018126268 900x470 - Google Promises 6 Free Months of Netflix for Buying a Chromebook

Google’s deal only lasts through December.

The deal also includes other freebies, such as around $50 of Google Drive storage and 90 days of free Google Play Music, plus some deals on exclusive content. . These are less exciting, but the Drive storage is sure to come in handy, especially in school and work situations.

However, there are some restrictions. The biggest one is that the deal is only available for the Google Pixelbook (a high end model) or the Samsung Chromebook (Plus or Pro editions only). So you don’t exactly have much choice when it comes to choosing your machine. And, like other holiday deals, it will end at the new year, so it’s important to make your choice in December 2017. However, the good news is that Google is a very reliable brand for these deals and there doesn’t seem to be any other strings attached!

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